How to Discover User Intent!

Have you ever wondered what the biggest secret to SEO success is? Have you used Google to search, read, hoping to find that ‘one thing’ that makes total sense?

The holy grail of SEO and content  marketing is discovering that User Intent and it’s close ties with the word that confuses so many seo’s, Quality Content.

Firstly, if you don’t research and read online using Google, then count yourself out of trying to understand this concept, but if you do then I am sure you’ll find a new passion in learning using search engine technology.

I don’t want to lose you in high level media talk or advertising manipulation speak. I want to show you something very simple which hints at how you can find this intent within your own experience.

When you search on Google or read an article which you hope will reveal the ultimate truth to it’s claim without doing too much work, then that hope within you of finding what it is is what you’re after.

Deep down you already know that life is pretty simple and that you don’t want to read more information or watch more videos on finding the reality or secret to success.

The secret of secrets is so simple that you will shrug it off and deny it’s simplicity – this is the mistake.

The success lies in taking action, but of course this is too simple. What kind of action, taken towards what end, using what tools? The questions are endless right?

Like I said earlier, if you’re not a reader or researcher of some kind using Google search technology then you’ll probably not recognize that hope in finding that pearl of wisdom, or gem that immediately gives you a sense of position in digital space.

User intent which Google alludes to all the time as the seat of value in using and producing content for their indexing system is rooted in the desire to find that treasure. A tale of truth.

I recently heard a highly respected member of the business community say that in order to sell high level sophisticated products all that is required is to tell the truth; meaning not to embellish but to show the value you offer in its fullness.

User intent is very closely related to your own intent when looking for something you desire or hope to resolve – it could be information about life, being, existence, success, entrepreneurship, or to buy something or find a deal.

Explore your own intent and to the measure that you become aware of those you will also be able to observe some your customer make when expressing themselves.

Humans desire to be understood and we do this mutually through language. We can all learn a lot by listening to what others say, and communicating clearly in return.

If you’re using the keyboard like we all do in this time and age, we think in words to input into a keyboard and the intent for the action (typing) taking place is preceded by a word you’ve placed in context of something.

Explore what these somethings mean in terms of words and you will find all the value on the other end provided you learn to observe how intention is structured.

All users in Google have an intent of why they come to the interface. Your job is to figure this out so that you can place your content in place to be found.

An to be found does not mean that you need to optimize for a keyword, it means that you need to communicate your value in terms of what a customer intends to find.

And this is never keyword driven although it contains keywords and phrases.

In terms of user intent and how it’s relevant to marketing and sales means that the user has the intention to find a solution s/he is willing to invest in.

For this reason it is wise to isolate your marketing and sales to a very narrow band of performance i.e. to the area where sales are made and business flourish.

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